Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hydrogen Generator Parts - NAPA and Graingers a good source

I've been researching different parts to build the various components of my first HHO generator, and am ready to start purchasing everything soon. Thankfully, I work at a NAPA Auto Parts store, and I should be able to get almost everything I need through them.

NAPA has a line of parts called "BALKAMP", which is really more of a blanket of goodies, than a specific line of parts such as starter, altenators, etc. In Balkamp, you can find everything from chemicals to mops to fasteners to... well.. anything, almost. So, as I purchase things, I will make sure to list all the relevant part numbers - a NAPA shopping list, if you will.

In the meantime, check out the online NAPA catalog..

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Exploring other HHO housings

I'm rethinking the PVC/ABS plastic 'T' design a bit, and as of now... I'm torn between a high dollar stainless steel container, and a pre-manufactured housing like you would find in home or swimming pool systems.

I've found a few sources for the filter housing, and the price for one with dimensions in the range needed for a decent sized HHO Generator is around $40 - Going this route would provide me with a visible waterproof canister with a drain at the bottom, and a screw on, sealed lid with pipe fitting built in. I'm still researching that solution, as I have concerns about temperature.

Another more bullet-proof solution would be a Stainless container... but things start getting difficult if you don't have a way to work with the stuff. Cutting plastic/PVC/ABS is one thing. Cutting Stainless Steel is a hassle if you don't have the proper equipment and tools!

I'll be back with more...

Monday, August 25, 2008

HHO Generator Project - Introduction

As you may have heard by now, you can easily build a device that essentially turns water into powerful, clean burning fuel. Installing this HHO generator on your vehicle can provide you with several benefits...
  • Increased horsepower and torque
  • Smoother engine operation
  • Government refunds for alternative fuel conversion! (up to $2,000 for cars/trucks!)
  • and above all - improved fuel economy!
Many people on the web are selling instructions, e-books, and/or kits, and they claim anywhere from 30-100% increase in mileage and up to 20 horsepower. Well, I'm not selling anything, and will not make promises. All I can say is - if it works, even a little - I'm still saving money at the pump in the long run! Plus, I get to "stick it to the man" a little, and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

How it works, and what it's all about

I'm no rocket scientist, so bear with me on the lack of technical knowledge...
In a nutshell, a HHO Generator is a device that uses electrolysis to convert water into two parts Hydrogen and one part Oxygen (HHO). This gas, also known as Brown's Gas, is a very clean burning, powerful fuel.

Efficient HHO Generators are capable of using Distilled Water only, but most HHO Gens I've seen use an electrolyte, or catalyst in addition to the distilled water. The most popular, not to mention safest, is regular old baking soda. That's right folks. Distilled water + Baking soda + Electricity = cheap, clean fuel.

With gas and diesel prices as high as they are now, installing a HHO generator on your car, truck, boat or even tractor-trailer is almost a no-brainer! And so, that's exactly what I intend to chronicle here.

sample HHO generator kit

The HHO generator can be assembled in a matter of hours using simple, easy to find items and with minimal mechanical knowledge. Installation on your vehicle is a snap, too!

Also, this is an "On-Demand" system that only produces the HHO when your car is running, and the unit is ON. My instructions will include how to install a toggle switch so you can shut the system down from inside the vehicle.

HHO Generator Parts Lists and Links

HHO Generator - Warning and Disclaimer

*WARNING* I am currently in the data collection phase of building my own experimental HHO generator, and this blog is currently very incomplete!

DO NOT rely solely on the information here to build your own HHO conversion - YET.

In following posts, I'll include a collection of parts list for each of the HHO generator's components, as well as chronicle progress (and mistakes) of my own HHO Gen project. I'm sure I'll receive tons of hate mail over this, as there are people trying to make a happy buck selling the information I'll be providing here - FOR FREE.

HHO Generator Parts List - Canister & Plumbing

Saturday, August 23, 2008

HHO Generator Parts List - Canister & Plumbing

For my own HHO project, I will be using PVC (or possibly ABS) plastic pipe for the main generator reservoir, however I have seen regular old plastic and glass jars, as well as high-end materials such as stainless steel. The two key requirements are, it needs to be waterproof and it needs to be made of a material that's corrosion resistant.

The reason for that, is that the container and all components (mostly the submersed hardware) will be constantly exposed to oxidizing agents, and will corrode quickly!

HHO Generator Parts - Main canister
  • 4" diameter PVC pipe with threaded end-caps - this will become the HHO Canister itself.
    • I will be experimenting with a canister measuring about 8 inches overall length
  • PVC pipe dope (glue)
  • RTV silicone sealant (Anaerobic sealer may be optimal)
  • Stainless Steel strips/plates - the more surface area the better, and the closer those surfaces are without touching, the more efficient the HHO output.
    • About 8, 18-24 gauge strips measuring 2" X 6" will be my starting point, but have seen many 'anode' configurations such as:
    • stainless steel washers in clusters
    • concentric stainless steel tubes
    • Double spiral stainless rods
    • folded stainless steel mesh
    • even stainless steel light switch plates!!
  • Plate separators
    • plastic threaded rod, washers, and nuts should work well
  • Mounting bracket for PVC canister
    • large hose clamps and/or universal fuel tank strap material will work for an economy setup
    • Machining/prototyping links are provided below for more high-end, or custom applications

Plumbing (incomplete list)

  • 5' - 5/16 to 1/2 inch vinyl/rubber tubing - I will use 3/8" in my references here
    • this tubing can be made of almost any material, this will supply the HHO gas to your vehicle's Air Box or Intake
    • You may need more, or less tubing, depending on where you intend to mount the HHO Gen
  • (2) 3/8" hose nipples with male 1/8" pipe threads - stainless or plastic if possible
  • (2) small hose clamps
More plumbing stuff to come...

Next: HHO Generator Parts List - Electrical Components

HHO Generator Parts List - Electrical Components

In order to construct your own HHO, or Brown's Gas Generator, you'll need several items. All of the parts I will be listing here will be available from your local auto parts store, hardware store, or through online resources that I'll provide links for.

Need other Electronic Goodies?

Casses Audio/Video
HHO Generator Parts List - Electrical Components
  • 12' - 8 gauge High-Grade wire - stainless if at all possible
  • 20' - 12-14 gauge hook-up wire - stranded copper wire is fine
  • 8 gauge ring terminals with 3/8" openings
  • 8 gauge wire nuts / waterproof butt terminals
  • 30 AMP inline fuse holder & fuse (I recommend the "MAXI" type fuses)
  • 30 AMP Relay or 12v. solenoid (more details on that later)
  • Crimp Terminals
  • ON/OFF switch
  • Wire strippers / crimpers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Electrical Tape
  • Small/Medium nylon "zip" ties and other wiring brackets/looms for clean installation
  • Solder & Soldering Gun (soldering your electrical connections is recommended, but optional)
  • heat-shrink tubing (optional)
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