Saturday, August 23, 2008

HHO Generator Parts List - Canister & Plumbing

For my own HHO project, I will be using PVC (or possibly ABS) plastic pipe for the main generator reservoir, however I have seen regular old plastic and glass jars, as well as high-end materials such as stainless steel. The two key requirements are, it needs to be waterproof and it needs to be made of a material that's corrosion resistant.

The reason for that, is that the container and all components (mostly the submersed hardware) will be constantly exposed to oxidizing agents, and will corrode quickly!

HHO Generator Parts - Main canister
  • 4" diameter PVC pipe with threaded end-caps - this will become the HHO Canister itself.
    • I will be experimenting with a canister measuring about 8 inches overall length
  • PVC pipe dope (glue)
  • RTV silicone sealant (Anaerobic sealer may be optimal)
  • Stainless Steel strips/plates - the more surface area the better, and the closer those surfaces are without touching, the more efficient the HHO output.
    • About 8, 18-24 gauge strips measuring 2" X 6" will be my starting point, but have seen many 'anode' configurations such as:
    • stainless steel washers in clusters
    • concentric stainless steel tubes
    • Double spiral stainless rods
    • folded stainless steel mesh
    • even stainless steel light switch plates!!
  • Plate separators
    • plastic threaded rod, washers, and nuts should work well
  • Mounting bracket for PVC canister
    • large hose clamps and/or universal fuel tank strap material will work for an economy setup
    • Machining/prototyping links are provided below for more high-end, or custom applications

Plumbing (incomplete list)

  • 5' - 5/16 to 1/2 inch vinyl/rubber tubing - I will use 3/8" in my references here
    • this tubing can be made of almost any material, this will supply the HHO gas to your vehicle's Air Box or Intake
    • You may need more, or less tubing, depending on where you intend to mount the HHO Gen
  • (2) 3/8" hose nipples with male 1/8" pipe threads - stainless or plastic if possible
  • (2) small hose clamps
More plumbing stuff to come...

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